Perceptions of self so wrong

For the last couple of days I have noticed I have had some possible cold symptoms going on and for once I didn’t pay much attention to them.

Today I woke up and noticed something has hold of my throat a bit more than I normally allow. I therefore went straight into a trance and focused on feeling good. On noticing my current feelings and knowing that I will be feeling more comfortable and health soon.

I then went for run. Because of recent knee problems I have now got a short run (12mins) and a long run (20-21mins) whereas before I just had a standard short run (not the long run) and runs where I am building up my distance. This change of perception means I am finding the long run tiring when I shouldn’t be.

Today I was fighting urges to stop very early on. I was appalled. This run used to be so easy. Have I let myself slip? What was going on? It must surely be the symptoms draining me. Well I wasn’t going to give in. As I ran I considered short cuts. I focused on getting through the next up-hill section and knowing I would be OK on the flats. I got around the whole route and forced myself to “sprint” finish not that it was that “Sprint” like. I really needed to focus on seeing a runner sprinting in order to get through the distance. Finally I was finished, phew.

I then looked at my watch 19.56.74. 19.56.74! My personal best is 20:10. I thought I might have managed 20:30 but I was not going to be surprised if it was 21:00+. What had happened? How had I misjudged my running speed so much. How did I manage to run so fast despite feeling under par.

Today taught me again that humans (or this human so far (The so far is very important!)) are very poor at judging performance.

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