Back Pain

Getting up from the chair the two days ago I managed to strain my lower back. Being a hypnotherapist and highly curious I again used the experience to experiment with pain control.

The last time I had pulled my back was on a scout camp and I was resting on a fallen tree. When I had gone into trance so as to reduce my pain I had suggested to myself that I have the urge to make movement that will help my back. I this lead me to doing things like leaning backwards over the log and stretching my back. I had been impressed at how these movement had helped and my perception that I had recovered quickly and been able to continue the Scout camp despite the problem.

On this occasion It was quite a bad pull and by the afternoon I was certainly walking around a bit stiff. I therefore decided to go into trance and within seconds I was out of it again because I had the urge to exercise my back in ways I hadn’t so far thought off. I had tried that sort of movement this time but in trance I realised I hadn’t screwed up into a ball.

I trusted myself and carried on. I had stuff to unload and load into the car for a car boot sale and I didn’t want my wife hurting her back!

By the evening I was very much aware of my back being not right but we had arranged to go out for an Indian meal and I was fully able to enjoy that. After the meal I was keen to get back and lay down and then I wonder if I should just give in and take some painkillers. I didn’t. I just used another trance and turned down the pain. Overnight I focused on my back recovering.

In the morning I had the boot sale and I was a little stiff to start with but by midday I was in very good shape. I was cautious unloading but still in pretty good shape and this morning when I woke I felt good enough to go for a run. There is currently a little discomfort but nothing worth worrying about.

Is this a typical cycle for a hurt back? I have no means of knowing. I feel I have recovered quickly. My hunch is that because I was in pain and monitoring it I was in a position to get the right movements to help my back and also protecting it from extra damage. When we take painkillers we aim to block the pain and we don’t think about repairing out back. We are numb or semi-numb to pain so we could even do things we should not be doing.

It is possible my back pain recovered slower than other peoples but it is my belief that working on it the way I did I am likely to have improved my chances of a quick recovery. I didn’t actually stop doing anything other than I was more tired and more likely to rest than normal if I had nothing urgent to do.

I will leave you to think about whether this approach could help you with any pain you have.

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