What benefits do people get from moaning? Please give me examples of moans you have heard

As I watch the world I am fairly convinced people have a natural tenancy to moan.

What is the cause of this?

It would be natural to expect the moaning to lead to progress of some kind but in a lot of cases it seems moaning/complaining is an end in itself.

The answer has to be that it gives us some benefit.

Some people moan because they get sympathy. Some people moan and don’t get sympathy but does it stop them moaning? I suspect some might go on to moan they didn’t get any sympathy! I suspect that while some moans don’t get results over time they do so it pays to moan.

There must be different classes of moaning so I would love it if you could report different moans you have heard. It would allow you to moan about the moaners but in a nice constructive way since it would help me.

People moan about the price of petrol. They don’t expect any change. They feel help helpless and out of control. It seems to be mainly for sympathy and yet most people are in the same boat so they are unlikely to get much sympathy. The process of complaining is a release of frustration at being out of control.

People moan about it being cold out. Nobody can reasonably expect anyone to change the whether so it can’t be for change. The complaint could be for sympathy about the cost of heating or how it makes them feel but again it seems in other cases it is just the release of frustration being therapeutic in itself.

“The standard of schooling is not like it was in my day”: This is a common one. This gives the moaner a sense of superiority. They might want change but mostly they won’t do anything about it. The is also an assumption here that while all schooling has changed it is also all for the worse and of course a lot of the changes will probably have been an improvement overall. Is there therefore some jealousy that standards are softer?

Do you have any alternative points of view? Do you have a moans you can report? Please do share them with me by clicking on the submit button on the side.

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