Understanding how others think helps create a solution

I love working with my clients because it is great moving them on but also because it is fascinating seeing how everyone thinks so differently. Some people create links that to others are not their.

Last night my wife demonstrated a new understanding of me. We were at Essex Samba Band and we had a new piece to learn. I have no sense of rhythm and yet now that I have been doing it a year I am getting quite confident at getting things right. The new piece required completely different skills from me however. I spent 5 minutes watching others playing it and I could not even find the pattern for what I was aiming at. It was a completely random piece to me. I need to see the pattern or know the sequence before I can do it. We have taken up Ballroom dancing and I am pathetically slow and new pieces there too. I have to know the sequence and then spend time programming my body to work the way it needs too. This causes a lot of frustration for others. My wife used to not get how I worked because for her she just gets it. Last night she and a friend knew my problem and they worked in my system to help me get it. This new piece it seems will require me to count “1 and 2 and 3 and” etc. I have never managed this since I started Clarinet at 12. However on some pieces I do now count “1, 2, 3, 4” which I could never do either. So this week I will spend time practising counting and hitting on beat 2, the 4th “and” and the 8th “and”. This could take me some time but I know I am improving all the time and the past is not going to limit me.

I love it when faced with a new challenge like this. Growing is what makes life fun.

The more I observe how clients are thinking the easier it is for me to move into their system to help them. This is an essential skill in all areas of life and sadly one that only a few people seem to understand.

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