Time Locked thoughts

The value of money blog has reminded me that the other week we got our Scouts to guess the price of various items (rather like the Price is right but with more teams). The quiz was quite tough and the leaders struggled as much as the Scouts.

I was particularly stunned at the price of 1 box of Swan Vesta matches. When I was actively collecting matchboxes many as a kid I knew they were 5p. I had no idea that Tesco would be charging 73p for the now. That seems an awful big rise but comparing them to Wine Gums from the same era I would guess they have only double in value in real times. So first of all I hadn’t appreciated how inflation has grown over the years.

I observed on the night it was at least a good thing the Scouts didn’t know how much a box of matches was since they clearly weren’t smokers. An “Explorer” (14-18 age range) didn’t hide their thought at how stupid I was. They commented “If they smoked they wouldn’t use matches they would use a lighter”.

Thereby my thoughts were exposed as being locked in time. To me smokers always used matches it is what I had grown up seeing. I have never updated that link in my mind. Even though I know a young smoker that uses a lighter I held onto the mistaken believe that it was rare. It had never been an issue so I never tested it or updated this link.

How many other thoughts of mine are “time locked”? How often do that lead me to do things others would do more efficiently? Sometimes it takes an external source to help us out of a problem because we are not aware of how limited our thought patterns are.

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