The Value of Money

There is a saying “if you look after the pennies the pounds will take care of themselves.”

At Christmas my daughters thought it would be a good joke to give me some money in pennies. Today I paid in 10.4kg of pennies.

I was impressed at the weight of it and how long it took me to weight it into money bags. My scales weigh to 1g accuracy and they did me proud. I was 1p light on one bag and 1p over on another.

The amount I paid in currently only buys me half a tank of petrol. Once drinks are included it would be difficult for two to eat out on it so we throw money around as if it is nothing. It was therefore good to see what it could represent. I wonder how much money a penny costs to make. Would I have been better off selling it as scrap metal yet I wonder?

I am lead to believe that children today won’t bother picking up a penny today. This got me to thinking what I could have bought with the money in my past. 10.4kg of pennies at different points of my life would have bought me:

23,200 Wine gum type Teddy bears.

18.125 Ib’s of Wine Gums (Sorry but I wanted to work in a Wine Gum factory when I grew up!)

63 weeks of the Ipswich Evening star – Delivered. Or 54 weeks if you wanted the “Green’un” delivered too.

I was going to dismiss the saying as unimportant now but I guess the lack of value you of a penny actually means it is more true. The major consideration now is, is it cost beneficial to look after the pennies? I was surprised to hear accountants don’t worry too much now.

The value of my time even weighing the coins let alone counting them was not beneficial. The time it took the bank to count them and process my transaction was definitely a loss to them.

People worry about money and being made redundant. People have taken their lives and the lives of others because of a lack of money and yet a few years after losing a job and a couple of years of hard times people tend to have stabilised again. Sometimes they are even happier.

I discovered early in my life moving town for increased salary didn’t increase happiness. There were increased costs in the new area and the lack of family contact made us feel poor.

The value of money is most interesting and their a many ways of looking at it. Just as there are many ways of looking at each problem we think we have.

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