The missing door knob

The thread has gone in the door knob that for years I have used to shut my front door.

So at the moment I am going out of the house and discovering my hand is wanting to pull a door knob that isn’t there. I know consciously it is not there and yet my hand goes to the right height and location and tries to pull something that is not there.

This is the work of my unconscious mind. It don’t consciously think about moving my hand there. It just happens by itself. The unconscious mind performs many jobs for us.

We don’t think about moving our legs to walk they just perform the movements we spent months learning to do as a toddler.

When typing I don’t look at the keys. My fingers or since I am typing this on my phone, my thumbs, just know where to press. I don’t know consciously where the letters are and yet as I type the words I want to say appear on the screen.

I wonder what you can spot your unconscious mind doing for you?

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