A hypnotherapist still makes thinking mistakes

I just added a comment on my main website.

As is often the way I click send and then I start picking it apart. I feel this a productive thing to do so that is fine. What I find really interesting is how I am so fallible in my own thinking. If I were to see a client write what I did I might pick up on the following:

“I still need to sleep 2 hours during the day and this is something I have yet to overcome” – How do you know you need this? What happens if you have needed it on all previous occasions you tested it but you didn’t need it in the future? Would you notice? Is it possible you have not noticed in the past?

I would come back at myself and say “Yes I have done lots of testing and I do need it. I know the days I have not taken the extra sleep are the days are the ones I have struggled all day and got less done”

And I would counter argue “You know? So you are still predicting a negative future? Why not predict a positive one?”

And I would probably think “Damn, you got me, why am I not trying this out”

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