January weight gain?

We are now approaching the end of January. So now is a good time to review what happens with weight over the Christmas period. My guess is most people are a few pounds/kilos heavier at present.

From my perspective it is not the food and drink over Christmas that is at fault.  The weight we are is based on a simple equation

Weight = food/drink consumed – energy used

Whichever way you look at it weight follows that simple equation. Some people are petrol thirsty cars and some are highly efficient machines but the speed of consumption does not matter as long as it is matched by the energy used by the body.

So how can I claim that the food we consumed over Christmas is not the real problem? The answer is that if we increase our food intake over a few days but then it returns to normal. So will our body weight. If extra energy is not being put into the body the body gets back into balance.

So what is the real problem of January weight gain? The answer is in the change of habits.  Even if you are a health conscious person most of the year the chances are you allow yourself to relax a little over Christmas. You allow yourself treats you probably would not eat normally. Once you do this you naturally enjoy the treats (why bother otherwise?) then you are tempted again and again. Perhaps even though you decide you don’t want this extra food there is a lot of surplus tempting food around and you still give into moments of weakness. This period continues for longer than you intend and slowly your habits have changed and you are eating more over a long period. Your weight inevitably changes and you then start to feel bad, feel lethargic and stressed which can then cause you to be concerned about food and you then eat to comfort yourself.

This is where you need to stop and get back to the food you were eating last November. For some people this is an easy thing to do. For others it is quite hard and this is where someone like myself that can help you change habits using your unconscious mind (which is where habits run) can be of help. To lose weight when there is so much surplus food around requires some conscious effort but with someone helping you to help yourself weight loss becomes so much easier than you think.

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