“I escape into reality. I love reality. I don’t like falsified things. I look at this world in a real way. I live a real life.” Rickey Medlocke, Blackfoot (Ealry 1980’s)

Like Rickey, this is a view I used to hold. I was just listening to a random mix on my music player and this interview section got played. This sort of thing really jumps out at me now.
Reality? What is reality?
Is it reality that if I have failed to do something three times I will fail to do it again? What if I was tired on the previous occasions and this time I am fresh? What if I have learnt something from each failure?
This is prediction. It might be argued that it is prediction based on past experience but it is just a possible reality. Darren Brown knew it was reality he could flip a coin 10 times and have it land on heads 10 times. It was not magic. He just started filming and eventually after something like 16hours the sequence happened as statistics suggested it would. He might have had to film 16 days if he was extremely unlucky but while that was possible it would have been extremely unlikely.
Someone I know and love has just had a heart bypass operation today. Their wife was up half the night feeling ill. This didn’t surprise me it is a reaction that person has demonstrated several times. His wife was not surprised or concerned either. They were experienced enough to know the cause. Does this mean it had to happen? Is that reality? Well, no, they had thought they were OK. It was a surprise to them when it happened.
When we enter a familiar room is that reality? Do we see everything we should? Well our vision doesn’t. Our brain stores a layout of the room and the eyes do a quick scan of the room and focus in on the detail of whatever we are doing. We can quite easily miss items being added or missing.
What if you heard a noise that “sounded” like a burglar in the room. Would the reality of the room be the same as if you were about to enter the room to collect a book you know you left there? I highly doubt it.
For me there is no such thing as reality. My reality is not your reality or any one else’s.
Everything for me is perception. I read a metaphor today about two pots used to carry water. One was cracked and leaked and the other perfect. The cracked pot felt sad and told the perfect pot it wished it was as perfect. The water carrier heard this as she was carrying the pots along the path. She stopped and said to the leaking pot “Why do you feel so sad?”
“Because when you get back I have lost half of my content”
“Please look at the path. Look at all the flowers growing where I carry you. The seeds that fall there grow because of you. I enjoy the walk more because I can see the lovely flowers that grow because you water them for me.”
For years I considered myself a bad at English. I failed my O’level on the first occasion. I can’t spell. My grammar is poor. That was my reality. Then one day I was supporting someone at an adult learning centre and the centre asked me if I would like to do something. I suggested it would be nice to do a course on spelling. They said great but that was a home tuition course. They suggested I have a go at an English paper. I thought “why not?”. As I was working away I was aware of others in the room working on the same questions and struggling for me it was ridiculously easy. The penny then dropped for me. I had been comparing myself to people good at English. My family and people I had assumed were better than me at school. When I spoke to them in later years I was surprised to hear that even though they were in a higher English class than me they too could not spell and had problems.
I am not a good writer but I am not the worst writer. My work on my websites would no doubt give editors and proof readers a headache but it is a lot better some others could write. I have also noticed that because I am a poor writer I am actually much better at reading writing without the correct punctuation. Someone I know that is very good at English often gets stuck trying to understand writing because the punctuation is missing. I just seem to spot the patterns naturally. I have a skill that proof readers are perhaps jealous of: I can read writing and get the communication easily when they get stuck and frustrated over poor writing skills and therefore miss the communication.
I have a musician friend that is a perfectionist. I have a knowledge of music but am not very musical. I can appreciate music that my friend could never listen to because it is not pitch perfect. The friend is not keen on live music because he hears all the faults. I just enjoy the feeling the music gives me and the atmosphere of the concert.
Reality? No it doesn’t exist. It is just a perception and something that can be changed with skill and knowledge.

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