How well do we consider problems?

How well do we consider problems?

When puzzling over my personal best at running today. I initially decided I must have started running as normal and because I was feeling extra tired I just forced myself on. I certainly didn’t think about slowing a little which would have made my goal a little easier.

In actual fact I recall thinking as I left that I would go for a normal run. I did consider a slower run but I don’t really know the difference between running 20mins or 21mins. Some days it just seems to happen.

All my initial thoughts about my personal best where based purely on events during the run. I was considering the run and so I considered just the small time frame of the run itself.

It was only as I was driving and not actively thinking that my unconscious piped up and said “What other factors could have affected the run?”.

Well today I had an egg sandwich before going for the run. My run was delayed about 2hrs because oversleeping meant there was no time for the run before doing some other duties. Normally I run on an empty stomach as soon as I wake up.

It is therefore possible I had more energy because of the food. I would be surprised if this was the case because I felt so exhausted but it is a factor I failed to consider because of my limited time frame.

I has also stretched my legs muscles a little before going. Something I have only done since seeing the physio about my knee.

I had also had a days rest from running.

I am getting better at running

I don’t know which of these factors had an effect on my performance today. Perhaps they all did. As I have argued before the “Why” is not overly important. The important thing is seeing and knowing you are improving. Today I did. This means today was statistically likely to be a fluke and my next run will be slower. I am still improving though.

And the important message from this post is that it is easy to fall into the trap of viewing something through a limited frame of reference. Once know this you can start looking for ways to consider a bigger picture and how it affects you.

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