Exam Results

Today the A’level Exam results came out so there will be some very happy people, some unhappy people and some people somewhere in between.
What happens if you didn’t get the results you wanted?
It is very upsetting isn’t it? But most students will be teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them. We tend to be taught at school how important exam results are and it is true they are a good help for getting your first professional job. After that however they become less and less important.
Most teenagers will be in employment for twice the length of their current lives. During that time they will discover different interests. They will find that the things they thought they would like will no longer be important, what they really want to do or even required by society.
The important lesson to learn is to always be flexible and always looking to the future. What is done or in some cases what hasn’t be done (ie revision) is in the past. The past is useful for teaching us lessons but only in a very limited way. When we do something we get a result. That result might have been a fluke or it might have been correct. Normally however that result gets stored as a judgement and it is based on the views we take when making that judgement. Rarely do we store just the actual result. Normally we think “Oh I did really well I got a C when I expected an E.” or “I messed up bad. I only got a B when I needed an A”.
The only things that are fact are the grades achieve. In this case a “C” and a “B”.
Suppose you got a “B” instead of an “A” is that a waste of all the time you studied? To you, at present, it might be. How badly do you need that “A”? Is it important enough to take the exam again? If so focus on how to get an even better mark next time. If it is not important then just left it go. If you take an exam again in the future you might want to consider what factors lead to such a “disappointing” result but also remember that you will be older wiser and a future exam might be on a completely different subject, one in which you will have different strengths and weaknesses.
I worked very hard at my English Literature O’level and I was “gutted” when I got my result back of “U” for it. I have never looked into it to see why it was so bad as that particular exam was not important to my future. What I do know is the 4 books I studied and the play have always stayed with me. I have always liked watching plays when I have gone to the theatre. The two classic novels (“The Woman and White” and the “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” I read are two of my favourite books and have lead to this genre being one of my favourite areas of reading. The other two books “My family and other animals” and “Ring of bright water” are also books I have re-read. They have shown me I could enjoy reading topics that I would not normally think of. So failing so badly at English Literature has still influenced my life in a very positive way. I didn’t waste two years of schooling even if I didn’t manage to achieve what the examiners wanted from me.
Quite often in life the initial careers we choose is not the one we are in in later life. I know charted accountants running cafes. People with no formal qualifications running successful businesses of 20 years standing. Admin assistants training to be nurses and the hypnotherapists I help train with British Hypnosis Research come from all fields of life.
Nothing in life is fixed and the sooner you learn to be flexible in your decision making and quest for happiness the sooner you will be enjoying a positive life. Always focus on where you want to go next and never on where you don’t want to go or where you should have gone! Do this and you will find success and happiness a lot easier to achieve.

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