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As a runner some of my posts have a running or sports theme

Keeping upright in slippy conditions

Back in June 2011 I discussed why I had bought some Vibram Five finger barefooot running shoes. So far I have enjoyed running in them. I have noticed they have poor grip on very wet muddy grass. Fed up with … Continue reading

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Reasons: Easy to come up with but how reliable?

Since I stopped using my mobility scooter after 15 years in September 2009 I have made a lot of progress with my health. Running is my passion and as someone at Toastmasters the other night highlighted, my addiction. It was … Continue reading

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Looking for the principle behind ideas to create positive change

As mention in a previous post I am reading Christopher  McDougall’s Born To Run. One of the main topics of the book is the amount of injuries runners get and the fact these injuries have been on the increase since … Continue reading

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Perceptions of self so wrong

For the last couple of days I have noticed I have had some possible cold symptoms going on and for once I didn’t pay much attention to them. Today I woke up and noticed something has hold of my throat … Continue reading

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Avoiding potential stress while experiencing an ailment

I have recently had a pain in my right knee. For some reason I thought it might be because I was running on uneven ground. I rested a couple of days and then went running again. I still had the … Continue reading

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