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January weight gain?

We are now approaching the end of January. So now is a good time to review what happens with weight over the Christmas period. My guess is most people are a few pounds/kilos heavier at present. From my perspective it … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone! Hold on! What does this mean? Most people wish people a “Happy new year” but what does the person saying it think of and what does the person receiving it think of? Are they the same … Continue reading

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Keeping upright in slippy conditions

Back in June 2011 I discussed why I had bought some Vibram Five finger barefooot running shoes. So far I have enjoyed running in them. I have noticed they have poor grip on very wet muddy grass. Fed up with … Continue reading

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“I escape into reality. I love reality. I don’t like falsified things. I look at this world in a real way. I live a real life.” Rickey Medlocke, Blackfoot (Ealry 1980’s)

Like Rickey, this is a view I used to hold. I was just listening to a random mix on my music player and this interview section got played. This sort of thing really jumps out at me now. Reality? What … Continue reading

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Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” is a quote by Abraham Lincoln and a good example of how I help people in therapy. Someone recently had some foot pain while she was in trance … Continue reading

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Reasons: Easy to come up with but how reliable?

Since I stopped using my mobility scooter after 15 years in September 2009 I have made a lot of progress with my health. Running is my passion and as someone at Toastmasters the other night highlighted, my addiction. It was … Continue reading

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A hypnotherapist still makes thinking mistakes

I just added a comment on my main website. As is often the way I click send and then I start picking it apart. I feel this a productive thing to do so that is fine. What I find really … Continue reading

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Exam Results

Today the A’level Exam results came out so there will be some very happy people, some unhappy people and some people somewhere in between. What happens if you didn’t get the results you wanted? It is very upsetting isn’t it? … Continue reading

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From cutting the lawn to a maths book that helps make life simple

I have just been writing a book review for my personal site and it seem to fit here too. When I get time I should actually expand on concepts such as looking at related situations and Look at problems from … Continue reading

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Looking for the principle behind ideas to create positive change

As mention in a previous post I am reading Christopher  McDougall’s Born To Run. One of the main topics of the book is the amount of injuries runners get and the fact these injuries have been on the increase since … Continue reading

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